Incarnated Avatars – Who or what are they?


An Avatar is a supreme act of white magic done in order to bring divine influences and light to earth at certain cyclic times.

Incarnated Avatars act as spiritual guides meeting and assisting people in dream-time. Frequently meeting them in 3D life and the other person recognizes them from the dream.

Typically they have had strong inner guidance (HigherSelf) since birth and may not have other obvious higher realm guidance.

Most of their life they have traveled the path less traveled.

They see through falsehoods in 3D and wonder why no one else does.

They naturally have people drawn to them and assist these people with guidance that just seems to “pop into their head”.

They realize that strict specific ways of doing things are only that teacher’s egoistic rules.  There are many ways of accomplishing the same things.

In truth all those who feel an affinity to the Lighworker title are incarnated avatars.  Only their own beliefs are limiting them from their true inner powers.

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  1. could you please explain more are these the people your referring to? “Some only have your higherself, no team or other guides. This group of spirits will be discussed at another time. ”

    please email me or reply. nice site btw

  2. silentwindofchange

    Thanks for reposting Lucas 🙂

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