Telepathy – Won’t It Be Great When We Get That?

Higherself Roses

Telepathy – Won’t It Be Great When We Get That?

Wow I can’t wait!  How about you?

Well let me tell you this secret.

Everyone has it.  It’s the way you communicate when you aren’t attached to a physical body.  You couldn’t loose it if you wanted to.  But why can’t I communicate with others?  You can but they don’t believe you can so they can’t.  Start experimenting with this.  You may want to start with your pets.

Society would have you push it off as being your imagination.  It’s not your imagination although that is part of what you write off as imagination.  You don’t have to learn it.  You use it every night that you sleep.  Whether you remember your dreams or not, your spirit does carry on while your body sleeps.  Dreams that you remember are ones that were fun for you or there is a lesson embedded in it for you.  Those times you don’t remember are times it was deemed best by your HigherSelf not to remember.  Likely you were off doing some mission, project, meeting or being a spiritual guide for someone or even yourself.

Don’t just limit your telepathic communication to people or animals.  This is a big reality and consciousness is everywhere.

One last thing, it doesn’t happen through your brain.  Remember, it’s the way your spirit communicates so you brain isn’t the interface that enables telepathy.

So let that sink in and please don’t try to reason this with your brain.  That poor thing is so overworked in this amazing world of transition.  Stay safe and don’t follow any more than one rabbit a week down any of their rabbit holes.

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