What One Thing Will Get Me Through The Narrow Gate?

Narrow Gate 2

If you said to me, “What ONE thing can I do to make the most progress on my path and begin experiencing profound spiritual experiences?”

I would say to you, “Learn to Meditate”. After some time of doing meditation you will learn to easily go into a meditative state without actually going through the typical process to meditate.

For me and for many others, I would say it is the narrow gate that only some pass through. The only thing stopping anyone from doing it is dedication to learn the process.

Nothing is just handed to you on this path.  This seems to be the test to see if you are serious.  After you do this, amazing things start to be experienced.

What some term walking meditation is not the same in my opinion based on hearing experiences of those who only do walking meditation.  Does it calm people down yes, but it doesn’t seem to “unlock the gate”.

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