A Separation Is Occurring…

There is a separation occurring and gaining speed but you might be surprised to find it within the group we consider to be “spiritually advanced”.  Learn and advance or stagnate and linger behind.  I guess it just happens to always be apparent at this time of year.  Maybe the energies are just right to make it apparent at that time.  Last year I noticed the same.  The spiral is always there and ready for each as they choose where they are comfortable on it.  This doesn’t mean there are those who are better or worse.  There is no judgement.  This is only an observation.

Those waiting to be saved have made a comfortable place to camp on the spiral.  Those learning to go within and save themselves are leaving the breadcrumbs for when the others are ready.

Follow only your own inner guidance.  You are your guru, your heart will assist.

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  1. Not much time left… eh ? I was never raised in a spiritual household type setting, neither Mom nor my Step Dad were at anytime religious at all, or even talked about it. I have always felt this presents looming somewhere unknown in my life, now, I know different, and that it is there for us to learn and prosper, and why now it is the right time for this to be there. But, I am puzzled about what to do at this point in the game, and where I should to proceed, I want to serve, I need to serve, it would be my pleasure to serve… I guess I will keep chugging along until something clicks… Thank you.

  2. Yes Alan, I feel you are on the track also, however, You could probably add a bit of Joy to your being, thus the collective if you found some way to express your service … if you did something that fed you also, not just a chosen duty… my 2 cents … ❤

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